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IG, you disappoint me. I expected a score of at least 10,000 for your CPU. Your wimpy overclock is disheartening. I got a higher percentile overclock with my lowly e6300 than you did with your ultra high end i7.


Edit: :P


If that doesn't hit you where it hurts, and get you to appease to my demands of you getting a 10,000 CPU score, I don't know what will.



I'm just glad you didn't ask for 10,001.




The CPU score cap is fixed, but the fix has not been promoted yet. Edit: looks like the fix has been promoted.

And the lowly OC percentage is part of the price to be paid for an unlocked multi. :shrug:


But the Pit test is leaving off a couple of hundred MHz:


Posted Image

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Sounds like a challenge is brewing. :shifty:


No no, I no longer have enough time to spend tweaking my system to take on I _G's scores.


Just buying new stuff for a new system so I'm curious as to it's potential :)

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