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OK, what's phase change?



Phase-change cooling


Phase-change cooling is an extremely effective way to cool the processor. A vapor compression phase-change cooler is a unit which usually sits underneath the PC, with a tube leading to the processor. Inside the unit is a compressor, the same type that cools a freezer. The compressor compresses a gas (or mixture of gases) which condenses it into a liquid. Then, the liquid is pumped up to the processor, where it passes through an expansion device, this can be from a simple capillary tube to a more elaborate thermal expansion valve. The liquid evaporates (changing phase), absorbing the heat from the processor as it draws extra energy from its environment to accommodate this change (see latent heat). The evaporation can produce temperatures reaching around −15 to -150 degrees Celsius. The gas flows down to the compressor and the cycle begins over again. This way, the processor can be cooled to temperatures ranging from −15 to −150 degrees Celsius, depending on the load, wattage of the processor, the refrigeration system (see refrigeration) and the gas mixture used. This type of system suffers from a number of issues but mainly one must be concerned with dew point and the proper insulation of all sub-ambient surfaces that must be done (the pipes will sweat, dripping water on sensitive electronics).



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:clap: knew you wouldn't settle for 2nd... :rofl2:



is it just win 7 thats putting everyone's vid score through the roof??



maybe i should run a test quick... :rofl2:





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IG, you disappoint me. I expected a score of at least 10,000 for your CPU. Your wimpy overclock is disheartening. I got a higher percentile overclock with my lowly e6300 than you did with your ultra high end i7.


Edit: :P


If that doesn't hit you where it hurts, and get you to appease to my demands of you getting a 10,000 CPU score, I don't know what will.

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