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Beta Pit vrs Old Pit

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On old pit test my memory gets 8500 acceptable

on beta pit my memory gets 5000 very unacceptable

Which one should I believe? everything else tests around the same although all scores are better with old pit by a small margin. Just the memory test that is so far off. Wondering if I really do have a ram problem.

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also I notice on techexpress says my cpu is running at 1000mhz, on overdrive it says 2300


update when I run both tests overdrive test changes its results to match with techexpress test, it changed my memory score and disk score to what techexpress tests it at.

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I have tested them like 5 times now and its the same always about 3k diff in ram test between overdrive and techx, should I go by the old or new test if it really is only 5k then something really wrong. My old comp with pc3200 tests at 7.9k and this new comp is pc6400 so even 8k seems like something wrong.

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