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I currently have PC Pitstop as my software of choice for driver updates, but I recently came across a program called driver robot i downloaded it just see what it would come up with turns out it claims to have found seven updates that my computer needs so it says, I went ahead got curious and re-scanned my computer using Pitstop acording to the scan detail everything is up to date. Don't know what to believe the following is what I got from driver robot.


Via Rhine ll fast ethernet adapter

USB Audio device

Via Bus Master IDE Controller- 0571

Via Serial ATA Controller-5337

Standard Enhanced PCI to USB host controller

Via standard host bridge

Via cpu to agp controller


Could this be correct and if it is how and why is PC Pitstop not finding these devices?


Just wanted to be put a ease any advise is welcomed, thanks

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The only reviews I could find for Driver Robot were not good. In fact I never even heard of it until I saw your post. I'd be surprised if anyone else here heard of it.


I have used Driver Alert in the past and it always performed well for me. IMO you should just get rid of Driver Robot.


By the way,


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Like Mark stated, Driver Robot seems to be an unproven product. All seven of the listed drivers look like they would be in the single motherboard/chipset driver package, not necessarily individual drivers that are available. And based on the reviews for Driver Robot, they may not be an appropriate suggestion.


PC Pitstop Driver Alert does not scan for hardware, it scans for drivers. If there is an installed hardware item without a driver, Driver Alert will not make a recommendation.


Competing products will often list each device in the motherboard or chipset driver as a separate device, such as a USB, IDE, PCI, etc, driver which makes it look like many drivers, when in fact it is only one. Comparing the driver results from some products looks identical to expanding the Windows Device Manager.


Driver Alert will scan the existing driver on the computer, compare them to the drivers in our database, and provide a download link if a newer driver is appropriate.

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