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Resize A Vista Partition Without Damaging Data


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Backing up your data beforehand is recommended.


Go to the start menu and right click on the Computer entry. When you do that you will see a menu you might not have even known was there. It might take a while to appear.

Expand the Storage entry and click on the Disk Management entry to show your hard disk layout.

Right click the partition you want to resize.

If you want to shrink a partition, choose shrink. You will see the amount of space available for resizing as calculated by Vista. Click the up or down arrows or enter the amount to set the size for shrinking. It may take some time and the new partition will show up as unallocated space in the partition map.

If you want to expand a partition a Wizard will walk you through the procedure. Click on the Expand entry in the right click menu to start the Wizard. The Wizard will open to a window that allows you to delete a partition in order to make room for the expansion. Once you have set the size of the available space you want to use to expand the partition, click Next and then finalize the changes.



Thanks to Jack Wallen for the tip.

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