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Hello. I am new to Vista and would like to know what applications i.e.; Ad Aware, Spybot S&D etc, would be good "Freeware" to use. My I.P. supplies McAfee as a anti-virus. I currently only have "C.C." but I would appreciate any other advice in what else would be prudent to use. Are programs like Ad Aware, Spybot still as helpful as they were with older O.S.'s? Thank you for your time and expertise, it is appreciated.



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What programs in particular do you want to know about?


Your post is kind of vague.


What's C.C.?


Adaware is crap IMO but will work in Vista, so will Spybot.


Generally speaking though, programs that worked in XP will work in Vista.

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This has been asked and answered many times now, so rather than go into length I will just post a list of what works on both 32bit and 64bit Vista:-

a-squared Free


Belarc Advisor

Comodo BOClean


Hosts (Vista has special instructions)



Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware








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Sorry for my vagueness. C.C. is called Crap Cleaner it is an app. that cleans up your registry,cookies & temp. files.

As I have already stated, Vista is new to me and I like to keep my computer (laptop) operating as well as possible. In the past (O.S.'s) I always used the following applications; Spyblaster,AdAware,Spybot S&D & Steve Gould's Windows Clean-up. I would like your advice on what are the best applications to keep my computer clean and operating as well as possible. I believe the people at this forum are among st the best so if you would be so kind as to give me your advice on the best applications to run with Vista, I would be grateful.

Note: In the past I used AVG as my anti-virus, I am now provided with McAfee from my I.P. I noticed when running McAfee that AdAware and Spybot never seem to find anything any longer (yes I kept them updated), so I guess this is the main reason for this Post. I simply would like to know what you advise me to use. I do realize that you have probably been asked this before and I did search prior to this Post but didn't really get the answer to my specific question. Sorry to bother you. I simply want to keep my equipment working as well as I possibly can.

Thank you, for your time & your willingness to share your knowledge.



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The only program I ever used to clean up the registry, temp files, etc., was CCleaner.


I'd recommend Avast or Avira for AV. Avira is rated better but I always used Avast for ease of use and boot time scanning.


Adaware has gone downhill in recent years.


For real time AntiSpyware Threatfire and Spybot are good.


For scanning you can't beat SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes.


Smart Defrag for a defragger.


Spywareblaster and SpywareGuard (use both) for Spyware blocking.


McAfee Site Advisor and Wot for Google link protection. ( Wot always seemed to crash IE on me but works well in FF).


FF with Adblock Plus and Noscript add-ons is also advised.


Use these programs along with a little common sense and you'll be well protected. :tup:

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This has been asked and answered many times now, so rather than go into length I will just post a list of what works on both 32bit and 64bit Vista:-

a-squared Free = Standalone scanner, paid version gives real time cover.

avast! = Anti Virus, Avir is also highly rated.

Belarc Advisor = Highlights missing m$ updates when run.

Comodo BOClean = Real time cover, if you run anything nasty this will jump up and grab it by the throat.

CWShredder = Standalone scanner for the CWS infections.

Hosts (Vista has special instructions) = Adds known bad sites to your hosts file that will stop you going to those pages.

Iconix = Shows spoof from genuine emails when company's\banks etc send them, list is always growing.

LinkScanner = Simply a traffic light warning system in search results of good and bad pages.

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware = Standalone scanner, paid version gives real time cover.

SiteAdvisor = Traffic light warning system adds to your browser and warns of bad sites as you visit them and blocks you with warnings of dangerous sites.

Spybot-S&D = Standalone scanner, but the tea timer component gives real time cover.

SpywareBlaster = Similar to the hosts file, but for flash based items IIRC.

SpywareGuard = Such a lightweight bit of kit it can only help even though it's many years from the last update, it still works.

SUPERAntiSpyware = Stand alone scanner, paid version gives real time cover.

ThreatFire = Similar to an A\V, but can run alongside them, you can set scheduled scans.

WinPatrol = The most useful tool for your system, helps control start up programs among other uses.

There is a major thing to remember, do not break the 1 at a time rule, basically never run more than 1 of each type of real time cover, so 1 firewall, 1 anti virus and 1 anti spyware, you can have as many standalone scanners as you like, but disable real time cover of that type before running scans with them.


As to maintenance you can use the following without issue:-

CCleaner = CC as you know it.

Disk Cleaner = Another file cleaner, finds bits the other misses.

Secunia PSI = Warns of program updates for your installed programs.

Smart Defrag = Gives real time defrag cover, and you can schedule full scans as well, install it, set it up, forget it, until there is an update then repeat.


Now CleanUp!, very good as it is, I would not use it, there is no official support for Vista (any form), I believe some have used it and say they were fine, but I wouldn't touch a system with it myself, but with this lot you have all you need.

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