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Spyware Blaster blocks Excite.com

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I recently had rootkit troubles and other troubles. The HJT forum helped me get it straightened out. Great people! One of the things recommended to me was Spyware Blaster 4.0 so I downloaded it and set it up. I find it lets my personal Google homepage through just fine as well as other sites I got to but it blocks my personal Excite.com homepage unless I turn off the cookies protection. I use Firefox browser. At work yesterday I downloaded the latest Spybot SD it did the same things.


My question is, is Excite's personal homepage using dangerous cookies? It would be no big deal to drop them. I mainly use it for a junk email box so I don't give out my regular email box to sites I don't want to. It just caught me by surprise as I've used that one for probably about 10 years.

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Hello ADubios,

Like Joe said get the latest version of Spyware Blaster 4.2 ( Joe provided the link for it in his post above ). You can make Spyware Blaster not block Excite.com, but keep other sites that are a possible Security threat blocked. Open up Spyware Blaster, Under protection Status, go down to Mozilla Firefox ( upper left hand side ) , then find Excite.com and uncheck it on the list an then select the "Remove protection for unchecked items ". That should keep your Exite.com working but also block potentially harmful sites from loading.


Do the same with Spybot, should be under Immunize function, uncheck Excite.com.


That should allow Excite.com to work for you. And to the best of my Knowledge excite.com is not a dangerous website, especialy if you use it for your homepage, email, etc. :)



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I did get spybot sd to go through here at work. I couldn't find it in the spybot program. But the message that kept popping up said my browser wouldn't allow the site. I did find where it says to allow a particular site in the tools part of the browser. So I did that and it works. Apparently the spybot & spyware blaster reset the browser settings. I checked the settings on my laptop at home, turned out the browser was blocking it also. Anyhow all is fine now.

Thank you for the help guys.



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