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working on a resto druid now for raiding. oddly our raiding guild is lacking one, LOL


That is extremely odd :blink:


dual specc tank and you will be one of the most 'in demand' toons in the game as feral seems to be out of fashion these days. Good for levelling, but excess baggage in raids.

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my rogue is a beast. Got malice and remorse now, just need to get zerker on it and respec to Swords combat. Also got twirling blades off 4 towers up FL. So weapons are lvl 232. Still need the rings, cinder off ignis and the one off General. Then eventually trinkets.


Also... Looks like the 3.2 patch might be out this week or next week.


Not looking forward to relearn my tanking rotation and spec on my DK...AGAIN.


I am looking forward to the ulduar nerfs though... be nice to zoom through it all.

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