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Time 2 reinstall?

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I ran the test last night. :P

Fixes seen to! :b33r:

Windows defrag ignores me when I ask for Analyze and Defrag! :blink:

Also, window installer wont work, even after a Microsoft repair. :cr@sh:


Does this mean I am due for a format and reinstall?

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Thanks, IntelGuy,

The Langa Letter worked quite well.

Some things give me a headache, like when I boot up, Windows genuine advantage wants to do it's thing, but.... it stops at about 3/4 way through, Task Manager says it is running, but it is actually in error.

I have to make it end the process then all is okay.

I have no beef with WGA, but obviously something is not right with my system.

I can play my games, go on the internet and send emails, so I tread carefully.

Thanks again.

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