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i have a Packard Bell Imedia 3317 with 3gb ram and i have 2 1 Gb sticks, thier is two free slots as their is 4 slots in total. in slot 2 their is a 1 gb stick in slots three their is a 2gb stick, can i stick more ram in it would it make a diffence to the pc and wot order do i stick them in.

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unless the version of windows you are using is 64 bit, you really won't notice any difference. in fact, due to memory addressing and limits with 32bit windows, the most memory increase you'll see is around 250-500 megabytes.


if you are using a 64 bit version of windows, then plop them in (assuming they are the right type of memory compatible with your computer). however, again, unless you're doing stuff that really eats up a ton of memory, you probably won't see any difference.


the more you have doesn't matter if you're not using it. i have 4 gigs, but only because i use virtual computers and servers, which eats up gobs of memory.

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When 4GB of RAM is installed, Vista can use at most between 2.5GB and 3.12GB (or rarely, a little higher).


Assuming no onboard graphics, and no system RAM used by the display, and 3GB installed, there are two general possibliities.  If System Properties reports less than 3GB of RAM, then installing more has no effect.  If 3GB of RAM is reported, then installing additional RAM may provide at most another 0.5GB (512MB), but on average the increase will be on the order of 5%.


If onboard video is used, then Windows should report at most 3GB minus the amount allocated to the display.  In this case, it is unclear what effect additional RAM will have.  If a lower number is reported, then increasing the installed RAM should have no effect.


In most scenarios, the increase is too small to have an effect on performance, but as much as a 17% increase is possible on some systems, although the average increase is closer to 5%.

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