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e4500 with asus p5k - oc

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Here's the gear:

-Motherboard: Asus p5k

-CPU: Intel e4500, 2.2ghz

-Memory: Patriot PC2-6400 low latency 2x 1gb


Forgive me my english, i am still learning ;p


I have been trying to oc my cpu for very long time and the best thing which i made is 2.93ghz. I am not happy about it, because i heard that some people made their e4500 on 3.33ghz without adding very much voltage. I made my current bios setup with this guide: *CLICK*


Let me show you my bios shots:





So this is how my pc works every day, without big problems. But i would like to get more ^^

I had been trying to make 3.1ghz but without success. Of course i added some voltage

(1.425v on cpu didnt help) and set my memory to the lowest frequency. Orthos is crashing after few seconds or i i got bluse screen. I tried to low cpu multiplier to x8 (x11 is deafult) but it didnt work neither. On the other hand I could start vista on lower voltage but it was still not stable, orthos crash after 15 seconds.


Please give me advice :confused:

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what are u using for cooling air or water?


Air. Is that makes difference? On higher frequency (like 3.2 ghz) i got blue screen at temperature ~68. On my freq which i use every day (2.9 ghz) orthos crashes at 72 temp. So cooling is not the answer i guess.

Any other ideas?

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Couple things here. Remember cooling is everything, u ran that chip at over 3 and it ran at 68f ouch. Also every chip is a lot different just because someone else got to over 3 stable doesn't mean u can. And, what board did that person have as well as what ram were they running. What were there voltages. All things that need to be taken into consideration. Just my two cents I'm not the smartest guy on here but I try. Later

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