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OVER 7000

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Nice score billytwospeakers. :tup:


What's with those speakers? Are you deaf too? :lol:



they are Tannoy Glenair and sell in the USAfor $10,000


see here for a review http://6moons.com/audioreviews/tannoy3/glenair.html


the drivers are 15 inch but as they are 94db 2.83 volts 1 meter you could power them loud with 3 watts :)


Posted Image


you can use low power amps but I use a Chord amp see here




I use the 3.5mm jack out to twin rca and a 10 meter cable to the amplifer


starwars on dvd is great :mrgreen:




more info here http://www.tannoy.com/ResidentialDetail.as...=175&sid=27

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