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Horrible test results and horrible Vista performance after re-install


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I want to say hello to everyone at PC Pitstop. I have been a 100% dedicated PC user for 10 years. Probably because if I buy a Mac, I wouldn't be able to eat for 6 months.

This laptop should be kicking butt and taking names, as it was when I first got it. I had to reinstall my Vista Ultimate x64, and now this huge huge laptop is slower than an elephant running up a 65 degree slope.


The start menu is slowwwwwwwwwww.

Viewing files in my computer is slow

Viewing pictures is slow

Loading anything is slow.

I dont have any viruses, I run AVG every night. I use CCleaner, Advanced SystemCare Professional.


Please tell me how to get my computer to it's former glory.


I have no idea how to show my test results from pitstop, so I am just pasting.




Edit: Let's please do an OverDrive Link instead- I_G

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We can get a better idea of what is going on from an OverDrive link.


Please look through the tutorial here and post back with your test results URL:




Each of the Recommended Fixes in the first page of your test results is a clickable link that will open a page with specific suggestions how to resolve each issue. Try to clean up as much as you can and then re-run OverDrive.

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