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Can I Delete the NetGroup Packet Filter Driver?

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When I boot up my PC, I keep getting the Found New hardware Wizard window, saying the wizard will

help me install software for NetGroup Packet Filter Driver. It says "What do you want the wizard to do?" -

- Install the software automatically (Recommended) or

- Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)


I always keep hitting Cancel on the wizard. But of course the Wizard keeps popping back up

everytime I boot up.


How can I stop this Found New Hardware Wizard from popping up everytime at boot-up?


Futhermore, I don't know if I need/want the NetGroup Packet Filter Driver.

I think it may have gotten loaded during my recent battle with viruses.

(That's a whole 'nother story I'll probably be asking about later).


In Device Manager, I can see NetGroup Packet Filter Driver listed under Other devices.

I can see I have the file BCMWLNPF.SYS on my system in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS

but I don't see the npf.sys file anywhere.



Do I need this NetGroup Packet Filter Driver for the proper running of my PC or can I delete/uninstall it?


(I have a Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop, running Windows XP Home edition, SP3).


Appreciate any and all help from the wise people on this forum.



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This is for a Broadcom wireless driver. If you have WinPcap installed, it uses the driver.


Also, see this about NetGroup Packet Filter Driver



OK, I think I'm OK with the Broadcom wireless driver.


But for this NetGroup Packet Filter Driver, do I need it if I don't have WinPcap installed?

Do I need WinPcap? How do I check?


Yes, I previously saw that info on bleepingcomputer. I think I got this attempt to install

the NetGroup Packet Filter Driver through malware.


Anyway, I don't have the npf.sys file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\, so I don't think the driver is

completely installed. I think that's why I'm getting the New Hardware Found Wizard -

I think it wants me to continue with the install process by wanting to load some software or something.


But when I attempt to continue installing the NetGroup Packet Filter Driver through the wizard,

it asks for a disc. I don't have a disc of course because I didn't request this install.


How do I stop the wizard from popping up every day?


Thanks again.

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