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yeah I did that first but a few people were talking about other things here so I thought it might help my chances. Maybe someone can help anyway. :blink:


alright then man it is up to you :lol:


wish i could help ya, but my knowledge is limited to what i have read, on here and my own experience on my current system.





i think all i need to do i put my cpu voltage to 1.4 and my fsb to 400 what u think


well you can try it, and see if it will boot...might get a blue screen.


EDIT: amd-rules, you said earlier in this post you kept your CPU voltage stock, means your probably just like mine was...stock was somewhere like 1.3v for 2.4Ghz


i keep mine @ 3.0Ghz, but i was able to drop my voltage to 1.26v. stays cooler that way.


get coretemp and open it up and see what your VID is. probably the same as mine "1.3250"

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just keep it at 3.2 amd with stock volts it'll last longer and anyway i can see you breaking something if you keep messing.. not what you want with a new system.. ;)


3.2 is plenty fast enough.. :tup:

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just keep it at 3.2 amd with stock volts it'll last longer and anyway i can see you breaking something if you keep messing.. not what you want with a new system.. ;)


3.2 is plenty fast enough.. :tup:


This is true, 3.2 is gettin w/ it.



you can see me breaking something..... how so.... i have a clue as to what to do at least... u saying im going to break something isnt very cool of you to say.....


He's not tryin to sound rude but rather trying to save you the grief of a big OOOOOOOOOOOPS. It's a "cup half full" kinda statement. Just lookin out for your best interest is all.



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i didnt realize that... it seems like everyone in here is being mean or not nice to me... aka making fun of me its ok though.... thanks tx


I gotta give you credit amd......Whether you are actually genuine or not I haven't seen an individual be able to generate the kind of interest in threads as you do in a long time...... :clap:....and I am being genuine..... :)

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like Tx Redneck said wasn't having a go at you, but i could see you not being happy when you got it running at 3.6 and would try for 3.8 and then 4ghz needing more volts every time, this overclocking gets addictive and you(people in general not you) keep pushing the limits of your cpu.


till in the end you just add that little bit to many volts trying to get it stable that you burn the chip out.


i can overclock my cpu to 4.4ghz but noway would i run it at that speed 24/7(thats 24 hours every day of the week)


i run mine at 3.6 to make sure it lasts so thats 82% of max speed.


say the max you could overclock your cpu was 4ghz and you were to run it at 82% like me then you'd be running 3.2ghz like you already are.


3.2ghz is a nice safe overclock for running 24/7 that you know runs stable and won't decrease the life expectancy of your chip by a great deal.


don't forget any overclock is good, and this also puts you in a very small percentage of pc owners who even know what an overclock is let alone how to do it.. ;)


welcome to the overclockers club. :tup:


:b33r: shandy for you me lad.. :lol:

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Wait, who is voting that 3.6ghz is to high??


I say he is plenty capable with low volts and not running over 3 hour hard core gaming sessions at a time with that cooler. After that id say ya he done for lol


AMD, whcih ever you choose, just do what you feel comfortable at. 3.2 might be good for you, try 3.4, try 3.6, try em all. If you feel temps are to high to run that back it down.



BTW Im a PC abuser so idk how it is to think normal!! :rofl2:


For example, my sisters E4500 on stock air is at 3.3, a whole 1.1ghz increase and all has been well for a year.

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so if i was at 3.6 i cant game for more then 3 hours without a break as in shutting the game down?


amd, run it at 3.6Ghz if you like. Game as much as you want. If it needs a break, it'll take one, shortly after a BSOD. Then you'll know you need to back it down.


BTW, congrats on your 12 page essay on O/C'n. Most of us would have run out of questions after page 2. ;)




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i dunno i pushed 3.6 stable, and i hit 3.8 and it was not really stable just good enough for a pit test.


i would not run mine 24/7 at 3.8, even if it was 100% stable. i wont even run it at 3.6 for 24/7.


its nice to overclock to see what you can do. but its risky, and i learned that...i tried to push more then 3.8, and with 1.6v overvolted. lucky for me everything still runs.


i keep mine 24/7 at 3.0, i would even run it 24/7 at 3.2. but nothing more, but thats me personally. i learned how addicting overclocking really is, and its extremely fun, feels like you accomplished something. but if i burn this chip, i cant afford to just go out and get a new one at this time, so i stopped overclocking once i hit 3.8.


trust me if i had the funds to support my new hobby, i would do it more often :lol:


it all comes down to what you want to do, if you want to try for 3.6 then try it. i ran for couple days on 3.6 and it was stable, but that was during forum wars. my advise dont try for 3.8 you might not be as lucky as me. overvolted and still able to use it :pullhair:


anyways goodluck :tup:

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well im happy... cant complain about kicking the chips fsb from 1066 to over 1400... and getting it from 2.4 to 3.2 yea boy.... lol.... thanks to all that helped.... next big upgrade for me will be a 4870x2 down the road or something similar.....

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yea if i had the extra i would like to grab a few things, without jumping to i7 system


i would like to grab the following


Intel Q9650

OCZ Reapers DDR2 1150 (2x2gb)

(2) XFX Radeon 4890 Xtremes for crossfire. or a 4870x2

(4) Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB 32meg drives for RAID 0

probably a more powerfull PSU to power it all

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