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yea i really wanna google it.... what a joke


you know with responses like that, eventually noone is gonna help you man. google is a good place to start, do a little research and everything will be easier. people try and help and you blow them off?


alright man i was trying to help you, and i made a comment about how could you not know what your FSB is. it was not an attack or anything, but you made that comment about me making a big deal about it. i really didn't.


anyway im not trying to start an argument, just trying to give you some advice. you give responses like that to me then to edw6698 about google is a joke. people will stop helping you, thats called burning bridges.



i do hope you get your overclock the way ya want.

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should i up the volts to get to 3.2? or will it be stable enough


nah im pretty sure you can keep your voltage stock for 3.2Ghz, go ahead and give it a shot, the FSB for 3.2Ghz is 356, so go try and see if it will boot. :tup:

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