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I use the 64-bit version of Mepis 8 a debian based distro, and in the repositories Hardinfo is an easy installation via Synaptic.


I installed these packages:

hardinfo (

libsoup2.2-8 (2.2.105-4)

zlib1g-dev (1: <--- have read adding this in the Ubuntu distros will get the software to run...


These are not the latest releases as you will find in SID, but the results for my AMD quad are impressive...


Type hardinfo in a terminal window as a user and it will open hardinfo interface - Tis a great program with a great amount of Information/Benchmarking... Only exceptions it does not provide the CPU details, motherboard ID, and the installed Memory brand and particulars by slot...


Benchmark: With the hardinfo interface open click on information and then click network updater to send and receive benchmark results from other people and different processors,


That way you will know how your processor ranks with many different processors. If you have Kpowersave running you might want to move its CPU settings to performance for your benchmark testing...


In my debian based 64-bit Mepis 8 for more detail, without the useful benchmarking...

"lshw-gtk" and "lshw" are useful tools run as root...

A warning is displayed not to use these as a user -


green15@mepis8:~$ su


root@mepis8:/home/green15# lshw-gtk


Provides a good graphic, but only Motherboard info only...


Green@mepis8:~$ su


root@mepis8:/home/green15# lshw


Takes a bit more reading, and output is not as well organized as in Hardinfo software, but this output provides considerable more detailed than hardinfo...


Enjoy these tools I found them to be useful, in addition to Hard Drive checker for Linux "gsmartcontrol"




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