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free antivirus software info please

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Avira is consistently rated best but I prefer Avast. Many like AVG.


Layered protection works best:


Limited User Account


Don't use IE7 or below


Do use:




2 way firewall




Real-time antispyware


Hosts file manager like Spybot, SpywareBlaster, Funky Toad




Security add-ons for Firefox:


Noscript, WOT, McAfee Site Advisor, Adblock Plus


Many more here:




Don't download software without running it by us. Even then, bad sites advertise safe software and add exploits to the download. So you need to make sure the download site is safe.


Safe download sites are download.com, major geeks, softpedia, and the author's site. Even still I would not download software from the 1st three without running it by the pit 1st.


But even with all this you're not safe if you use Windows, especially if you use Google.


A setup with the protections I listed will however, lessen the risk considerably.


Of course you could use Linux and really be safe.

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Hi mila6062,


For an excellent list of free anti virus software, free online virus scanners, free spyware detection/removal and free firewalls, click here.


IMPORTANT! Do not run more than ONE firewall and ONE real-time antivirus on your system at any one time. When using "on demand" scanners, first update the detection signature files, then disconnect from the internet and disable your resident security program before running the scan.

Once complete, remember to re-engage your resident security before going online.


Best wishes


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I too like Avast. It pretty much runs itself (skynet?)


Also has a web filter, active scanning on email and web downloaded files, and many other filters and toys.

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