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FireFox Bookmarks - Missing


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I ran accross this tip while researching a different issue. Due to the fact that this happened to me, I wish I had seen this before.

Lost bookmarks


This article deals with lost or missing bookmarks, recovery methods and prevention.


* If you got a message that your profile was already in use, created a new profile and now your bookmarks and other data are missing, see Profile in use.

* If bookmarks are missing after upgrading to Firefox 3 and you have switched back and forth between Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 in the past, see Lost bookmarks after Firefox 3 upgrade.

* If changes you make to your bookmarks are not saved after restarting the browser, see Bookmarks not saved.

* If you use Firefox 3 and are having other issues (Firefox opens to a blank page, you can't edit or delete certain bookmarks, you can't add new bookmarks, your history is missing, the back/forward toolbar buttons are disabled) see Locked or damaged places.sqlite.


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