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Defragment Your Page File

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just delete your page file and reboot, why defrag it?

Do you have reason to think that a nonfragmented paging file would exist after rebooting?


An advantage of PageDefrag is its ability to run at each restart, which defrags the paging file with no further action on the user's part.  My own practice is to configure a fixed-size paging file and defrag it once (it'll never need it again).

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It does work on Vista.


Actually I was able to move the file to the root drive, uncheck read-only on all including the folder(s), then run as administrator. Worked very well.

http://forum.sysinternals.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=10755 (last post 10 June 2009)


Also, there is a single file defragment program called Contig v1.55 (September 2008).




Thanks for reminding me about this program. :)

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My own practise is to configure a fixed-size paging file and defrag it once (it'll never need it again).


This is also exactly what I do. You should set your PF to 1.5 times the amount of ram you have installed as a fixed size set on a separate drive from windows and then defrag it once. After that your set until you reload your system again.

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I have a question about pagedefrag: When I did defrag my hd. and defrag the pagefile, then after defrag from pagefile, I got the message: Before pagedefrag: 3 fragmented files, after pagedefrag, 1 fragmented file(s) .

That's weird, because I had defragged my hd., I suppose that when you defragg the hd. and than the pagefile, that I got the message, 0 fragged files after pagedefrag.

On April 22 2009 I asked a question as above, I don't get answer.

I want know or there is someone that can explain me, why the program pagedefrag gives the mention after defrag of pagefile, 1 fragmented file(s) ,while the harddisk is defragmented and the pagefile.

Also I want know or there is someone who's know or there is an update of that program.

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It is normal for it to say 1 fragmented files after it's done.

Latest version is 2.32 dated 11-25-2008.

It will not work with Windows 7 or Vista.



Thank you ma'am for the explain.

I use Windows Xp home and not Windows 7 or Vista.

In the future than I must take W7, but now I wait that the time is there, that Microsoft don't support Xp anymore, I mean, that they don't give updates for Xp, because Xp is than out of running.

Alright, I will looking for the update of Pagedefrag 2.32 .



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I wonder : what is the use of defragging a page file since it changes every second ?




I use Pagedefrag for along time now, but I ask myself, don't get the users an update of that program.?

When I defrag mine internal hd., than I defrag also the pagefile of my os xp.

When I defrag the hd., must I than also defrag the pagefile or is this not necessary.?


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