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can info be retrieved


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I guess she's fried the circuitry, in which case I'm guessing only proffesional data recovery would be possible and expensive.


Could try this:


Freeze your Hdrive


Long shot but it might work.


Just found this:


Data Recovery From a Failed Hard Drive - Changing the Logic Board:



One possible cause of hard drive failure is a problem with the logic board (the electronics unit) onboard the hard drive. If the logic board fails your computer will not be able to access the data on the hard drive. To recover data in this case you will need to change the logic board. You must replace the logic board with one from an indentical hard drive otherwise it will not work. Once the logic board is replaced you will know right away if it was the problem since you will be able to access your data again as soon as you start the computer.

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the enclosure may have been damaged but the drive still has a chance.


remove the hard drive from it's enclosure and connect it to a pc, if it's a sata drive' the motherboard on the pc needs a sata connection.

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ya don't go throwing it in the freezer before you check the enclosure.


Likely, plugging in the wrong adapter could have friend the Circuitry on the Enclosure, but there is probably some protection between that and the drive.


Only way to know is by unscrewing the enclosure, removing the drive(be careful of static) and plug it in a computer.


Try that out, report back

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