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Eradicate portable drive malware


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AMPAWsmasherX is effective on protecting your system from autorun viruses. You may also use it as removing known and unknown malwares "manually" with the tools included. It will give you some protection on registry that some malwares changes as they

files is being hijack which is not included when you use those tools standalone which will end your system useless.


What is autorun? Why autorun used by most viruses "Trojans And Worms" ?


Autorun "Autorun.inf"

Before, it is commonly used by cdrom’s for automatically running interactive program menu or the program itself. WindowsXP also applied this automation on removable drives “Flash Disk, External HardDrives, etc”. Since viruses is easily detected by almost all known anti-virus these day because of heuristic scan, this people start creating Trojans and used this autorun function to easily run and install itself in the system without notification. Almost all windows user complain about of suddenly slowing of their computers. Trojans usually add startup entry to registry and run their programs everytime windows start. It will also disable editing registry and common tools like taskmanager preventing users to remove and kill the process of these Trojans. Search WWW for more information.


Advantages of AMPAWsmasherX

AMPAWsmasherX is a free tool that will give you protection on autorun.inf viruses thesedays. It will also ask you if you want to delete programs included on the syntax of the autorun.inf. Automatic remove some known viruses and enable taskmanager, run, regedit

incase disabled by viruses. I’ve also included free useful tools for removing malwares.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


And Many More Useful Tools And Hotkeys Included: ReadME

FREEWARE Portable Program

Fast And Lightweight.


System Requirments: Windows 2000, XP, VISTA

Win98 Beta, Use at Your Risk


Latest Version : 3.5


Download @ 4shared

Download @ Softpedia


Website: http://t68kv.multiply.com/


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