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Create Desktop shortcuts for Online services.


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After wanting to access my Picasa web album quickly and without typing anything into the browser I decided to create a desktop shortcut that would point to the online location. This is very simple to do;


First of all resize your browser window using the resize button next to the exit button (top right). Then to the left of the 'http://' on any browser you will see either a small image, or a small square - Drag that square to your desktop.


You will see a shortcut has been created. If you're not happy with the address, or you want to change it, right click on the shortcut and press properties - Under the 'Web Documents' tab you can see the URL. You can change this to whatever you like. You can also create as many Web shortcuts as you like.


The Icon of the shortcut can also be changed to fit in with a neat desktop. For example, my Picasa shortcut has a look of 'My Pictures'.


Hope you find this tip useful. :)

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Interesting - Easy to do with IE6 but I can't figure out how to do it with Chrome.


Good point.


First of all you need to create a new desktop shortcut. To do this right click on your desktop and select: New > Shortcut.


A box has now appeared asking for a location for this shortcut. What you need to do now is find the location of your Google chrome installation.


To do this, right click on a shortcut for Google Chrome and click 'Properties'. It's location will be highlighted next to the word 'Target'.


Copy this location and paste it into your 'New shortcut' dialogue window. Then after the final speech mark (after .exe) type in the address you want to point the shortcut to.


Job done. :)

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