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446 MB of ram on driver

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Hi and Welcome to the Pit!



Know when you say memory, do you mean RAM or Hard Drive? Your Title Says 446mb of RAM, I assume you want to know where your RAM went if you had 512mb. About 64mb went to your Onboard Video Card.


AS far as hard drive space, just gotta do some spring cleaning to get rid of the junk. Also, try CCleaner. Its a great tool that gets rid of junk files, sometimes it goes up to cleaning over 2gb of Data.



If I missed what your saying, can you restate it? Also, can you post your system specs.

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Thank you for replying so soon, Im sorry I did not put the correct info. in but you guessed right,I was saying that I have 446MB of Memory[RAM} so, I went in my 'puter and started deleting unnecessary programs and files and after all that I still hadd 446MB,Im not the great pro here so I thought by freeing up all that space it would automaticlly go back on my C Drive but no luck and I can't find in the help on how to add memory back into my drive.

I sure hope you can help me here,also, here is the info you requested.


Manf; Everex Systems Inc.

Model; Everex Impact Series

Rating; 1.0 {Windows Experience Index;Unrated}

Processor;VIA Esther processor 1500 MHZ 1.50MHZ

Memory {RAM} 446 MB

System Type; 32 Bit Operating System


Thanks Again;


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Well RAM is Random Accessed Memory that the system uses to basically function most programs and stuff.


Hard Drive uses Space. So no matter how much you delete from the hard drive you will not get RAM back. To get RAM back you need to free system resources, like use a "lighter" anti virus, Use smaller programs like paint.net instead of Photoshop.


Photoshop will use 300mb of RAM (example) to operate at optimal speed while Paint.net will use 50mb. Thats how to save RAM. Hard Drive Space will just depend on what you do. Pictures and Music you may want to put on a Flash drive or back up to a CD so you dont store so much on your Computer.





Now, If your computer feels slow, its because you need more RAM. 512mb is very small for runing Windows these days. You will see a large boost using 1gb, and a significant boost using 2gb of RAM. This lets more RAM Resources available for applications, say multi tasking and stuff. BUT your system is a little on the low end side (no offence). It seems to be a web surfer and email only PC so you are kinda limited.




ALL in all, if you want more RAM, add RAM to it. deleting files wont help ram, only Hard Drive space.

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:pullhair: Well ok thanks anyway, your right this is a low end computer but functionable for my use, I watch alot of movies on it from NetFlix however in the last two days it started to screw-up and the movies are like watching something from china, they require 540MB to have my 'puter run normal, I have a disk that came with this computer..it's a Microsoft WindowsVista Home Basic 32-Bit Recovery DVD-ROM/Manual/Driver.

The software included on this Recovery DVD-ROM was pre-installed on my hard drive at the factory and is only used for backup and recovery of my computer system.


Is there anyway to restore my drive to its original state, Im outta work right now and things are tight,I checked a couple places and they want $30.00 to $50.00 dollars for a small amount of RAM to be added.

Well thanks for your help.



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