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Windows Task Manager Program ScanningProcess.exe Running

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To add to what Mark said, security programs usually don't allow you to kill their associated processes for security reasons (you wouldn't want malware turning it off).

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Hi, cowboymike,


What is it



how do I get rid of it

uninstall zone alarm choose different firewall,or you could follow this see if it helps.......


1: Uninstall any ZoneAlarm Product from 6.5 Upwards

2: Download and install an earlier version (6.1 is a good choice)

3: After you have configured the earlier version to your liking, go to Zone Alarm website,and Download the trial for version 7, and install it over the 6.1,and when it asks you if you want to upgrade or clean install, choose upgrade

4: Reboot as normal, and you will see a huge increase in startup speed


This is beacause of the Architexture of 6.5 and upwards slowed things down dramatically, but upgrading from 6.1 or earlier bypasses the delay.

courtesy...DVD+R..Wilders security


best regards pacman123

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