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French Police Save 50 million Euros

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The French police have saved 50 million Euros switching over to Linux and say they will be saving millions more as they switch more machines in the near future.


The interesting thing was that the transition was easier going to Linux then it was for them to go to Vista.


Umm thats just about 64 million US Dollars



At the current stage of the migration, it has adopted Ubuntu on 5,000 workstations. Based on the success of this pilot migration, it plans to move forward and switch a total of 15,000 workstations to Ubuntu by the end of the year. It aims to have the entire organization, and all 90,000 of its workstations, running the Linux distribution by 2015.


A report published by the European Commission's Open Source Observatory provides some details from a recent presentation given by Gendarmerie Lieutenant-Colonel Xavier Guimard, who says that the Gendarmerie has been able to reduced its annual IT budget by 70 percent without having to reduce its capabilities.


Since 2004, he says that the Gendarmerie has saved up to €50 million on licensing and maintenance costs as a result of the migration strategy. He believes that the move from Windows to Ubuntu posed fewer challenges than the organization would have faced if it had updated to Windows Vista.




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i have to say going from windows whatever to ubuntu probably freaked them out,keep in mind me being a former windows user testing ubuntu made me feel like a kid in a candy store and all the candy was free.


in fact' the networking part went from ten basic steps in cli to 3 steps' one of which is typing shares-admin in terminal, the last two steps are in GUI ..........


three steps and ya have secured network shares :lol:


as with suse' one click installation for applications.........


once the os is installed' there is no need to hunt for drivers because they are already installed..........


heck' i can see a lot more reasons to use linux along side of saving a chunk of lute, good for them for making a better choice, i hope we see more of this :tup:

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