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After following advice - niothing changes

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An OverDrive link will be more usefull than the Tech Express, which is no longer being updated.


Disable jusched.exe as follows: double-click on the Java plug-in icon in the Control Panel, go to the update tab and uncheck "Check for updates automatically", click Apply -- this will disable JUSCHED.EXE from starting at boot-up. If you want to update Sun Java at a later time, go back to the same Java plug-in in the Control Panel, to the "Update" tab, and click the "Update Now" button.


The test result indicates that the fragmentation is most likely in the Vista restore points.


You can either run Windows Disk Cleanup and delete all but the last restore point, or, if necessary, turn off System Restore, reboot and defrag with DiskMD, then turn System Restore back on (and be sure to manually create a new restore point in Vista) and you should see great improvement


I do not see any mention of craplets in the link you posted.

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