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how do I change my TCP Receive Window size w/ Vista 64?

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will this work for vista 64 bit too?

To change your TCP Receive Window size:


Launch window registry editor by clicking on Start | Run .

Click in the Open dropdown box and type in regedit.exe then click OK .

Back up your registry by selecting File | Export type in a meaningful file name, in the export range section select All and save to your hard drive.

To restore your old registry you simply import this file.

Next you need to create a new registry key. On the left side you need to go to the directory HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\Tcpip\Parameters

Select Edit | New | DWORD Value . Rename the new registry key to TcpWindowSize.

Modify the registry setting for TcpWindowSize by double clicking on the key.

Change the Base Setting to Decimal.

Enter the value 64240 and click OK, then exit RegEdit.

For these settings to take effect you need to close all your open applications and reboot your system.

or are they only for xp thanks!!!

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