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results of video cards ?

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Every time I run the tests, the results say my fps is around 79 and that my cards usually are around 198 fps.It does not matter whether I am in sli mode or not.The cards are nvidia 6800. I have the most up to date drivers for them and I do not seem to have any problems with them or none that I am aware of.Besides getting better video cards, what can I do.I have all the eye candy turned off. This is what I have:


Dell XPS 600

nforce4 mother board

nvidia 6800 in sli mode

creative sb extreme x-fi

dual 250 gig hd's

sony cdrw

phillips dvdrw

650 watt psu


Hope this helps.Thanks.

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Which test, the 2D or 3D.

The 2D test are known to have what seems to be a low FPS, as they are not optimising the cards.

And the cards are not optimised for the test either.

3D should show the more ability of the cards. But it is just a test, not a bench.


I really would not worry about them.

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