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If you frequently use Microsoft Word 2007 and want to add tables to the page without touching the mouse

all you have to do is type


+ ----------+------------------------+ and Word will automatically insert a table. PRESS ENTER.

The colums or (boxes) will appear, where you want to be placed on the page.


You can then enter the data in the colum (or box) When adding data, you can tab from one colum to the next. To add a new row just hit tab again when you are in the last colum to the right. You can add as many rows to your table (box) as you want using this method.


The + symbol indicates a colum break, and the --- symbols indicate the width of the colum you want the table (or box) to be.

For instance+-+ will only get you a very small single colum table (box)


This should work for you. Good luck! :)

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works in word 2003 as well :clap:


anyone have lotus worksheets??


nigsy: I am glad you took the time to can and check the tip out. I stumbled on it by accident, although it may already be know by many. I am glad also that Mateek checked it out also. I had tried it on my othr PC with 2003, and was glad to see it worked there as well. Columbus 0hio USA


Thanks nigey!!

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