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Missing Pic's


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since getting this new computer i have not been able to view some pictures, all i get is the box nwhere the pic is supposed to be and a little red box in the top left..i have been into internet options-security etc...

but cant seem to sus it out..any idea's i could try?

it does not happen with all pictures..just seems to be the odd few.

running xp home, dont know if that is needed?


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sorry for taking so long getting back to ya..work work and more work.

im using IE6 and win xp home...i dont use a pop up blocker...and one security setting is set to "high" and some are set to "low" .

should i reset all my security setting to low then?



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I see all the pictures, no red x's... however, I had to turn off Ad-Blocking by Lavasoft AdWatch (part of the new AdAware 6), in order to even open the page. And also ZoneAlarm's Pop-Up/Ad blocker had to be set to Medium instead of High in order to view the racing program ad on the right side.

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