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Favorite Screen Saver As Your Desktop Background


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Find the filename of the screensaver you want to use as your desktop background.


Right click on the Command Prompt shortcut on your Start menu and select the Run as Administrator command.


Type the following command: screensaver.scr /p65552 (Where screensaver.scr is the filename of the screensaver you want to use.) press Enter.


The screen saver will begin running as your desktop background. It will block out your desktop and any icons on the desktop will be inaccessible while the screensaver is running. The Start menu and the Taskbar will still be accessible.

There will be a screensaver icon on the Taskbar you can only right-click on. When you do, the Taskbar will hide and the screen saver will go full screen. In full screen, press Alt+F4 to close the screen saver. Or press the Windows key on your keyboard to make the Start menu and Taskbar accessible again.

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