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'buffer overrun detected' message

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When I tried to sign in this morning, I got a message that a buffer overrun had been detected in my C drive (Program Files\Yahoo\browser\ybrowser.exe) which had corrupted the program's internal state. "The program cannot continue execution & must now be terminated." The heading on the message window was "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library".


BT's Help team said my saved password on my sign-in was wrong. It was correct yesterday but I did as they asked me & manually input/saved it again. I could now access my BT Yahoo account. They then asked me to send a test email to myself - it didn't arrive neither did the next three. They put me through to their Yahoo Help Desk. They found the problem: my email address was in the list of "blocked addresses".They said I must have hit the 'treat as spam' button on one of my own emails.


It was only after that I realised this might be nonsense! (a) I don't send myself emails (B) none of the test emails were in the Spam in-box & © also on the 'blocked address list was my original address "[email protected]" rather than the "@btinternet" tag I've been using for at least five years.


I've just googled "buffer overrun" - got the MS programmers page on it. All I could understand it that hackers can take advantage of buffer overruns.


Is what has happened to me a symptom that I may have been infected? I have Norton Symantec & Lavasoft protections which I update daily & I use IE7 & XP Home. Thanks.

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thanks JC (or may I call you Maude?!)


I am fanatical about updating - every day without fail even when I have auto-updates. But I now realise that they are for Microsoft, Norton & suchlike & not for the ''add-ons''.


I ran Secunia - as you suggested.It found 8 threats: 2 x Adobe, 2 x IPod, 1 x OpenOffice (which I'll check out in a moment & 3 x Java.


It seems that whenever I've been prompted to download eg the latest Adobe, it didn't remove the old version. For a novice like me, that seems real nonsense.


Still, I ran Secunia again & thereare no issues.


Thanks Jaycee for taking the time & trouble to help me. Much appreciated.



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just checked OpenOffice.org.


I haven't got a clue where it came from. It seems to be a freeware alternative to MS Office. I think I'll uninstall it as I don't use it - but I'll wait a day or two in case someone says it's worth having. Perhaps my daughter's college uses it (but she is not an Administrator on my PC) - I'll check later.

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It is automatically installed with the latest version of Java Runtime Environment. You can, however, choose to install JRE without it by unclicking the box for OpenOffice (which for some reason is checked by default).

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