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I am running an Untangle server on my network. I am playing with customizing the interface, but have run into a small issue.


I can use the web interface to admin the server, but I need to send one image file to the server to change the logo in the interface.


How do i send a local file to a remote machine over SSH?




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I found that I can use Gftp to do it graphically, but would still like to learn the commands too if anyone knows.



Try it out Myk, first create a simple test-file to work with so you don't risk breaking anything. ;)


scp test-file [email protected]_name:/directory-to-copy-to/test-file


Using my wifes school server I would do


scp test-file [email protected]:/home/username/test-file


To do it in reverse


scp [email protected]:/home/username/test-file test-file

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