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New Indie Band "Officer Roseland" uses new concept

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If you like alternative or Indie rock music, then you might want to download this new CD by 'Officer Roseland' and give it a listen. This band actually gets it. As a matter of fact they are paying each person $1 to download this full CD. Also, this CD DOES NOT CONTAIN DRM!!!! OMG the RIAA might get hurt by this new buisness model. I wonder if this Independent band will be blocked from the internet from doing the type of thing that the RIAA/MPAA should have started 5 years ago.


Even if you don't like the music, give them a try and show that this band actually understands how to create the buisness model that the world needs. You have a choice to receive your $1 OR donate it to the Mr. Holland Opus Foundation which is the choice that I made.


I did get this CD and the file is clean with no DRM/Spyware/Viruses/Malware. It is a zipped 57MB file which is the average for an MP3 CD. I scanned it with Kaspersky 2009 and Malwarebytes before I played the file so I believe it is safe.




Officer Roseland - Stimulus Package


I am not one to BS around. I am 100% against DRM and everything that it represents. It is one of the biggest scams ever invented and hopefully will be gone in a few years.


I'll give you 1 example of why I am against DRM. I purchased a CD from Buy.com last year by a band called 'Theory Of A Deadman'. I always go out and buy a CD that I like but for this new CD you get 3 additional new songs by this band if you bought the CD online for download, just like you would for Itunes or any of the other DRM corrupted music.


SO, eventhough I bought the physical CD, I also paid $11.99 US to get the download version for the extra 3 songs. The RIAA should love me for buying basically 2 CD's of this band.


Well, just like Microsoft, Sony, and Walmart among others, Buy.com decided to shut down their DRM servers a few months ago so if you bought an electronic CD from any of them thats on the servers that they shut down, you are SOL if you ever expect to get your DRM license verified or ever get your music again. You will need to go to an active DRM seller and pay the full price for your music AGAIN if you did not burn your purchase to a CD because after a huge update on your computer, you cannot get your DRM licenses that you paid for.


Now don't get me wrong, I am against the theft of material but I became so outraged that my music that I paid $11.99 US for was taken from me by the DRM/RIAA people that I went and found a torrent to TAKE BACK my CD which I had fully paid for and bought the rights to listen to this music.


Am I a thief???


or did I actually have the right to have what I paid for??


You make the call.


Enjoy 'Officer Roseland' and give them the support that they deserve.

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