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Comcast - Am I Being Paranoid ?

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So, just for no reason, I decided to buy my own modem and stop paying Comcast $3 a month.

Bought a Motorola SB5101, called Comcast and asked them to register the MAC address to my account. Fine.

A few minutes later my connection goes offline. Plug in the new modem - nothing.

Wait 24 hours, call support again, after 3 minutes of talking to the "technician"(quotes in respect to many real technicians I have worked with), in the middle of the conversation "thank you for calling 1-800-COMCAST" and hangs up.

Plug my old modem back in. Live-Chat : apparently there's a problem with my signal (I was getting 20M down, 2M up - so I don't think so) - they'll send a tech. No, don't bother. I ask them if they have changed my registered MAC - no record of me ever asking them to.

So here I am, thinking "did Comcast really just f with me to that extent for $3 a month ?"

On the positive side, I never had to wait to be connected to a tech, and they did thank me for my latest payment.

By the way, did I have to say "f" or are we all adults here ?

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Having had Comcast for what seems like forever I can safely say no they did not mess with you for $ 3 bucks, what did happen though is yet another failure at any kind of customer support.


Comcast is well known far and wide for horrid customer service, get back on the phone and when the rep comes on tell her / him you want a tier 2 tech support they will balk but be insistent then stay on the line while they preform the requested action.


Don't let them bs you they can set your new modem in seconds not hours or days




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