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Hanns·G HG-281DJB best color settings?


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i just got this monitor yesterday http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16824254036


and man what awesome lcd:) its huge and bright nice colors and no ghosting at all.


but i just want to know does anyone have this lcd and can share there settings?


right now its good but i want to get the best out of it:)


right now im running on 70 brightness and 70 contrast and color on cool setting.

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ya its really is a nice screen:)


i got the black one because i saw it came with X-Celerate not sure what it does but ya lol and i like to have Height Adjustments.


i was gonna get the silver stand one because it was cheaper but saw that this one comes with a 30$ off promo code at checkout so was ony 10$ more:)


it was a really big upgrade to my dell 20.1 which i did int think it was when i was waiting for it to come lol but i guess 8in is a big step up lol

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bought the ColorVision Spyder2express @ the egg.


and calibrated my 2 lcd 2 laptops even my 8.9 acer one lol and my crt that im running right now.


why am i running a crt? that hanns 28 went on me after 2 weeks of having it...


big line was in the middle of the screen and went away and keeps coming back...


so i rma from newegg and hopefully i get a new one next week in good shape....


didiint even get to use the spyder on it:(


tho i blame ups because when i first got it was siting on my front step on its side with the box open i could see the lcd inside of the box... so they might of drop it or something...



but anyways that spyder works pretty good:) i was suprized how good it made all my screens look even this gateway ev910 crt:) still miss my lcd tho:(

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Your graphics card should have calibration tools with it if you installed the complete driver package. You may also want to consider a calibrator to adjust the screen RGB with CMYK colors. This will make it look good and also will make anything you print look as close as possible to what you see on your monitor.

Any better image programs usually contain tools for adjusting the screen/print colors which is good because the human eye cannot see most of the colors created on a monitor but they can see printed media colors.

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