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Added a few more pictures

In one pictures theres an image of a ghost

on the window.

I did not take that picture nor did i alter it in anyway.

After the picture was taken and realize a ghost was present.

They immediately notify me and e-mail the picture to me.

We always knew that some things were not right about our home.

After it was capture on camera and then we understood more....

Just east of our community theres a mountain called Ghost Mountain

and within its boundry is called Ghost Mountain Range.

We live in the Ghost Mountain Range.................

Our house was brand new when we moved in

That was 9 years ago ......................................

A friendly ghost.....Thats yet remain to be known

My store is M&E Variety

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Well, the ghost broke it.

I tried to get in to see and it's down for maintenance.


when i went back to the pit gallery got the same said it was under maintenance

so i left the page like that then when i refreshed it a pop up came along

nothing usual about it just some codes and stuff

so i clicked it away and click on refresh again

thats when i got a security warning about try enter without authorization

yup the ghost broke it :rofl2:

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Looks like adding too many features broke something, adding too much makes things go boom. :P


He has the site back up, looks like a fresh install, if he backed up the database he should be able to add all the logins, photos and related comments back in.


No such things as ghosts.

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oooooops.... good news/bad news


good news, the site is back up


bad news, I really screwed things up and everyone will have to start from scratch once I figure out what is causing errors to show up under every thumbnail, even after a fresh install.

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it was ok to me that jibberish writing under the picture was the way it was

the pit gallery was a coolest place to hang your hat...or your feathers :rofl2: ...nice relaxing site

do some nice browsing instead of taking all those chances looking for drivers and fixes

running into rogue self and installing malware

bring it back radio..i did a ceremony

guess what the ghost will behave

Robert Stack said best.............. Perhaps You......... Will believe :rofl2::P

Edited by mme
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