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I finally decided to do something about the photo gallery that I had been hosting quite some time ago that showcased the members of our forum.


This time it's much less labor intensive for me :P


Let me know what you think of the included features


I would only ask that you register with same/similar username and email address that you use for the forums.



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crap' i need a thumbnail :pullhair:


you can even upload a screenshot of your desktop, then click on the dropdown under the thumbnail, Get item URL's, and it will give you the formatted bbcode link for a clickable thumbnail :P


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I added it to mine, forgot about that pic :mrgreen:


caintry, it's a separate registration from the forum,

just want to keep things similar as far as usernames go between the two though


O.K. man, I registered. It still won't let me in..... :nono:

Same user name/password I use here at The PIT.......






edit: tried the Recovery Page.....gives me an error.


BTW, look at "young Bruce"!!!

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You should have received a confirmation email.


In that email is a link to finish the registration process.


Yessir. I clicked the link and finished the process. When I try to login, I put my user name, password and click "log in". It then gives me that little security window with the letters to type in it's box and I do that. It then tells me login failed, and I try again. After a couple of try's it locks me out.



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