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need help OCing my cpu

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Hey guys, I really wanna oc my cpu and i have no idea what im doing, if anybody could give me some help that would be great, thanks. This is my cpu, http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SLAVN and i have this heatsink http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16835233004


My mobo has alot of different things i can tweak with so i think pretty much anything is possible.

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Link didnt work and is this a E7200?




try this, Raise your CPU volt to 1.33v.

Raise your ram volts to 2.1v


Set your ram timings to 5-5-5-15 command rate 2T


Set your memory divider to the one that getss you closest to DDR2 800 specs. Usually Auto but try using a manual divider so you get the feel of things. Default should be 3.0.


Set your CPU FSB to 315. Your new speed should be 3.0ghz. RAM will start reaching 945 speeds which is still safe. after maybe a FSB of 330 i would drop it to the 2.66 divider for RAM.





See, its all math. The CPU has a multiplier, which is 9.5

9.5 x 266 (stock CPU FSB) gets you 2.53ghz.

RAM is the same way, 3.0 (divider) x 266 (CPU FSB) gets you about DDR2 800



Your lucky with a gigabyte board, they make ram dividers easy. On regular boards you have to get more in math :lol:

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Hey thanks man at least someones tryin to help me out :clap: . I'll try that and see how it works.



Most of the other guys are busy with life so a few of the overclockers are here atm. Writing up a review on how to OC is hard because not every part is the same. But idc, ill help you out! :tup:

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