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Can't reach PC Pitstop

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I have recently started having problems connecting to the PC Pitstop website...i can only reach the forums, hence this post.


I have two programs that need to reach the site to update: Optimize and Exterminate. Neither can do so


I am running Firefox 3.0.5 on Windows XP. This is a relatively new issue...maybe a week. No problems previously. There is another website I cannot connect to, newsmax.com.


I can't say for certain, but this started around the same time i downloaded the apple media player. I uninstalled it, but still have the same problem


Help! <grin>


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Good morning Radio

No. Neither link works.


BTW: I also tried to reach both PC Pitstop and Newsmax on my wife's computer and could not. She times out as well. However, I have asked others to check and they were able to reach them. The only thing the wife and I have in common re internet, is our router. She is linked and I am wireless.


Thanks again.


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