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Older computer with blue screen errors

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I have an older Gateway desktop PC with MS Windows XPSP2 Home Edition, Intel Celeron 1200MHz, 1.20Ghz, 384 MB of RAM. It runs fine 99% of the time but then for no reason, usually while it's sitting idle, it will get a Blue Screen error and then reboot itself, then run fine again.


I have Comodo Internet Security for firewall and antivirus. I also update and run weekly scans with Spybot, MalwareBytes, etc. and have SpywareBlaster that I update weekly also. My computer comes up clean in all scans so I don't think this is any kind of malware issue.


What should I do first to diagnose this issue?


Edit - I should mention that the reason I am still running XPSP2 is that every time I've tried to update to SP3, it fails to install. I'm not sure if this is related to the Blue Screen errors or not but thought I should mention it.



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Stop the auto restart & see if you get a error code to post.

Start>Control Panel>System>Advanced>startup & recovery settings

uncheck auto restart OK.


Thanks for the quick reply. This is now done. I noticed that it had some settings to save a log file. Should I look for the previous ones if that would help?



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I don't know about the log, it might help.


A link to a full Pitstop test might help, the yellow TechExpress at the top.


I tried the full Pitstop test but it also failed when it got to the 3D video test.. at least I think that's where it failed. Could this have something to do with the Blue Screen errors? As I said earlier, they come when the computer is idle and just the screen saver is running and I have my pictures as a slideshow for my screensaver.


I just left the computer alone for while and it got the Blue Screen again. Here's a summary of what it said.




STOP: 0X00000077 (0XC000000E, 0XC000000E, 0X00000000, 0X00C71000)


Then there was other info about a physical memory dump, etc.


I'm going to try to Google some of this info also while awaiting a reply.


EDIT - I just ran the PCPitstop Full Test again. As it goes through all of the various testing, the status reads as follows...

PCStatus 32.7 seconds

Software 10.8 seconds

Malware 3.9 seconds

Performance ____ - it goes through all of the tests fine until it gets to the 3D Video test, then a popup saying Internet Explorer has encountered a problem with an add-on. The add-on is PCPitstop3D.dll. I click OK and then IE has to close. I click the Debug button so I'm guessing it must save a log but I don't know where and then IE closes.


Any other suggestions if this is related to the Blue Screen issue?



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Based on what it says here,




if I am reading it correctly in your case based on the first parameter in brackets (0xC000000E) yours most like fails under this,


0xC000000E, or STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE: the drive went unavailable, possibly a bad hard drive, disk array, and/or controller card.

which most likely means that your hard drive is going bad. Might be a good idea to test the hard drive. There are free tools available to do this depending on the drive manufacturer,


SeaTools for Windows - http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/support/downloads/seatools/ - for Seagate and Maxtor drives


Data Lifeguard Tools 11.2 for Windows - http://support.wdc.com/product/download.as...d=1&lang=en - for Western Digital drives

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I did the CHKDSK from the System, Tools tab and then rebooted machine. It went through the entire CHKDSK process and then booted up. The first four stages went quickly with no problems. I wasn't able to watch the entire fifth stage so I'm not sure what happened... is there a log?


When I got back to the computer, there was a pop-up message saying the machine recovered from a critical error.


I connected back to my router and then opened up an IE7 window and a few tabs and left the machine alone and it did not get a new Blue Screen after a couple of hours.... so far, so good.


I also started thinking back and noticed that it would mostly only get these Blue Screen when I had IE open and also had Outlook 2003 open, which normally run OK together even with my limited resources as long as I minimize one or the other when not in use so they use less CPU and Memory.


In reading some other help sites, they said Outlook 2003 could cause problems with add-ins so, just in case, I went to Outlook 2003 add-in manager and unchecked the only thing that was checked... something for Exchange since this computer isn't connected to an Exchange server anyhow so I'm not sure why that add-in was even in Outlook 2003 on this computer.


I'm now going to leave it alone with IE and OL2003 open and see if I get a Blue Screen again.


Any ideas about why this machine has problems with the PCPitstop test finishing... with the PCPitstop3D.dll IE add-on?


How do I test my RAM since this was also mentioned in the MS KB article.


Also, this part of the KB article, "... 0xC000000E, or STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE: the drive went unavailable, possibly a bad hard drive, disk array, and/or controller card.... " which mentions "the drive went unavailable"... could this be due to my system standby settings? Right now, I have the "Turn Off Monitor after 30 minutes", the "Turn Off Hard Disks after 1 hour" and the "System Standby after 2 hours". Should I have different times for these?


Last but not least.. could this have something to do with the Page File and should I do anything to make changes to it? I imagine my page file might be larger than some others due to the limite RAM on this computer. Here's a snip from the MS KB article.

"Bad block. Stop 0x77 is caused by a bad block in a paging file, or a disk controller error, or in extremely rare cases it is caused when non-paged pool resources are unavailable."


EDIT - I also downloaded the Western Digital disk checker software since Belarc Advisor says I have a WDC hard drive but when I started looking through the instructions for running this software, it all started looking Greek to me.


Since the MS KB also said it can be related to not having the latest SP update and I only have SP2, I'm going to do the manual download of SP3 and try to install it that way since it won't install from Windows Update. I've read that the manual install will work when the W.U. install doesn't work.


Thanks for all the help so far.



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I decided to change my page file to NONE, then rebooted the computer and was planning to put it back to System Managed since that is what another site recommended so the computer would rebuild the Page File and when I turned the machine back on, I got the MS Windows pop-up that "The System has recovered from a serious error" (I think I may have said critical earlier but it's the same pop-up).


This time, I clicked on the "click here" and here's what it says...


Error signature

BCCode : 7a BCP1 : C03DDC24 BCP2 : C000000E BCP3 : F7709130

BCP4 : 00959860 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1


With another "click here" on that window, which says...


The following files will be included in this error report:




Will any of this help you guys/gals from diagnosing my problem(s)?


BTW.. I did re-enable my Page File from the System Properties, Advanced tab, Performance button, Advanced tab, back to System Managed size and it's now showing 394MB for Total paging file size. Before it was showing 573MB. I guess Windows will make it larger as it needs more substitute RAM.



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Since doing the things I posted and then turning off the screensaver with my photos as a slide show (something I started around the same time as these Blue Screen errors), I haven't had another Blue Screen error in the past 12 hours or so. I'm hoping that I have figured out the problem (with all of your help and ideas) and maybe the screen saver issue might have something to do with running the full test here and the PCPitstop3D.dll issue I am also having.


This is what Belarc Advisor says about my video card...


Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller [Display adapter]

Gateway EV500 [Monitor] (13.8"vis, March 2002)


I am going to reactivate the photo slide show screensaver to see if that causes the Blue Screen errors again just to check but I'm hoping the CHKDSK and Page File reformat have fixed the problem for now.



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