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How to Uninstall WOW from my PC

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This may seem unusual, but my former housemate installed WOW on my PC and left it on it when he left. I've never been a gamer and never probably will be and I want it gone.


I have looked at the Add / Remove function in Control Panel. I have run the PCPitstop full scan. None of these things show that there's anything installed. When I look in Program Files, there is a huge folder (12.5GB) full of WOW stuff. No uninstall.exe that I could find after major searching.


I was told by one "authority" to just delete the program files and eliminate the WOW launcher from my desktop and Start menu, but I'm worried about what that would do to the Registry and/or anything else including the NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS he installed.


I emailed Blizzard.com tech support and have just gotten an automatic response to date.


Would appreciate advice as to what to do to get rid of this.


Thanks to all.

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There should be an uninstaller if you go to start> programs. If there isnt, then just manually delete it right from the program files.


then if you really want to clean it up ccleaner is an excellent clean up tools.


What part of Iowa are you in? Im in Omaha, NE; and have family all over in Iowa.


Keep us updated if you have any issues or questions.

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this might sound crazy BUT, try installing it again for uninstall.exe to magicly apear out of the WOW universe:D


..also i would advise running a special uninstall utility , one program that poses such utility is windows xp manager , but its only for xp as the name might have suggested, but it would get rid of all registry entries , unlike windows utility, or by clicking that damned unistall.exe lol

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hmph, didn't know wow built the registry after luanch.


that being the case, it should rebuild the uninstall option too, LOL



Should but the game settings and Uninstall info are stored in different hives. :pullhair:

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