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I purchased a new computer and am trying to find right mac address.When I do( ipconfig /all) I get two Ethernet adapter address.One is nic and the other is nic #2(they both say the same thing except the mac address is different). How do you tell which is the RIGHT one to use to connect to my router. I don't want to put both on the router user list because I found out you can only have 10 mac address there.Between all the computers,desktops, laptops for work and home of the kids I only have one space left.

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does your pc have 2 lan connections ports on it?? sounds to me like it does, think i would try a bit of trial and error and connect the cable in the first port then add the first mac address to your router and see if it connects if not just plug the cable into the 2nd port, now it should connect and you now know which mac address is for which connection. :lol:

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look again.

do an ipconfig /all

it will list every adapter you have

under each entry it will give the physical description of the adapter.

for example I have 3 physical adapters.

1: broadcom gigabit nic

2: Dell Wireless card

3: verizon mobile broadband card.


what is the description of all your adapters when you do the ipconfig /all ?

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