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F.E.A.R Extraction Point

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Hello all,


I require some help with a new game F.E.A.R as the topic suggests, and i have already run into errors. The first fer ran perfectly but when i play extraction two things initially happened. When starting a new game it works fine then when the intro movie plays i can hear all the sound which runs perfectly and clearly, however the actual game lags and the image stutters. Then i donwloaded this lastest driver for graphics card then this resolved the image issue but then created another error. The textures went really weird both at the menu screen and in game its hard to explain i will try to upload images. Things would stick out of walls that werent there. I can walk through most of the level then the game lags and i have no choice to close it down



Any help is appreciated thanks

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Sounds like you have a video card overheating issue.


i cant say for sure, this is the only game that ive been having issues with, all others work fine. What can i do if it is an overheating issue? and if its not my vid card can u think of anything else
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