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A better anti-virus app/program?

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Are there any that are more computer resource friendly than avast! for free?

Ever since I ditched Norton back in like 03' , I have been using avast!

I guess it's time to look around again.


Read this and you might go back to Norton.


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Nah, Norton is still not even close in efficiency compared to avast! and other free tools.

And I still refuse to pay for a tool that I can legally obtain for free, that does just as good of a job as a norton, or other expensive software suits.


On top of that, I don't really need a monsterious protection suite in windows.

I do a majority of my apps downloads, and web surfing in Linux or OS X, and I just scan the files before I move back over to windows to use these files.

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From what I see in the HJT forums, the antivirus program you use doesn't seem to matter too much with today's malware. I've seen every antivirus program there is fail.


It seems that good browsing habits are the most important thing, along with layers of different kinds of protection.



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i second marks comment, if you have to use anti anything on a daily basis' it means you are administrator and that is bad practice.



i can understand using an anti whatever in a vista luac account to scan incoming files, this will prevent infecting someone else ! but i can't understand why anyone would run these apps on a daily basis when the os is wide open for attack.

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