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Was Vista just built laggy?

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Hey all,


This problem has been bugging me for a while now so I thought i'd get your advice on this!


I picked up a new Dell XPS M1530 laptop a couple months ago, I maxed it out with the best components so I have a Dual Core 2Ghz, 4GB Ram, and a nice 256MB Nvidia graphics card...


The only problem is that it comes with Vista! I have never had any problems with XP (I downgraded my old laptop from Dell from Vista as I found that one laggy with Vista as well!) but with Vista I get random internet explorer crashes when I am on sites like youtube which goes off maybe every couple of hours.


I have checked for viruses/spyware/trojans and it's all clean. I use spybot and adaware to clean my system regularly. And there is no fragmentation. Also not many unneccessary start up programs are running & all software is up to date.


At the moment I am running on "Performance" mode, so everything looks like Windows 95/98 but I still get the random lags...



Do you guys have any ideas? Is Vista just carrying some bugs?



Thanks in advance,



J :blink:

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Joker, I have two Vista machines....neither one is 'laggy'. You may have more 'services' than you need running, or possibly more Dell gunk running in the background. If you have Norton Antivirus, that will definitely slow you down, as will AVG's LinkScanner (if you have AVG)

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The test Software>Processes, states the two in orange should be disabled & there are several optional ones in blue.


Using ATF cleaner or CCleaner might help some.


You might find these of interest????





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TheKastOne, explain what you are experiencing when viewing "simple" pictures.



I did go through to speed up my computer as much as possible, I got a 5.4 rating. However I get that little circle thing every now and then when browsing, the extra second it takes to go from one picture to the next on occasion is confusing.

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5.4 from what?? gpu cpu or memory? what are your specs?? i got 4gb ram amd 6000 at 3.1 and dont lagg and its on 32bit... so hmmm


On vista you can get your computer rated depending on performance. 5.9 being the highest. I have an intel quad core 6600 with 4 gigs of ram and dual vid cards. The 5.4 was my lowest score for memory/ram. Graphics, processor and primary hard disk were all topped and gamng graphics was 5.7.

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Hey guys, thanks for the replies. I used http://www.download.com/PC-Decrapifier/300...4-10636481.html, I dare not to touch the service pack unless i mess something up!


It still randomly jars up - most recently when transfering files my from external hard drive; I was moving a number of files which totalled 6GB, the moving box said "not responding" until the file transfer was complete... :S

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I have never seen a post saying blackviper messed up their PC

The Safe listing should be fine if you follow the instructions & you can change it back if something is a problem. I used it on XP no problem.


The pittest orange processes stopped from auto-starting should not cause a problem Click on each for details.


As you say, better safe than sorry??? I am not sure the above would be a great improvement.

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