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FREE 1 Year BitDefender Antivirus 2009 For Everyone!

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1. Go to this page:




2. Enter your email, password, username and the random captcha code.


3. Write down the license key on the next page.


4. Download and install the latest BitDefender Antivirus 2009.


5. When BitDefender Registration Wizard appears, just click the “I want to register the product with a new key” and enter the license key that you received from step 3.


6. Click Next. You will get a small window that tells you “Your product has been registered. Press ‘OK’ to continue the activation process.” Click the OK button and the next step is to create a BitDefender account. You can either create the account now or later.


7. Click Finish and you now have a genuine BitDefender Antivirus 2009 valid for 365 days!



Thanks to Raymond CC for the tip.

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