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(Overclocking This System) - Memory Timings..

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hi guys i have the same problem i got a athlon 4200+ first i had it running at stock speed i read through what u said and i manged to clock it to 4.2 ghz or summin by upping the fsb 20 notches and upping the vcore to 0.500 v and vdimm to 20v summin like that like one of u guys said to do. but i know this cpu can take far more and ive tried upping the fsb more but it keeps crashing in bios even if i just rase the fsb 1 hrz more the bios will not boot up and i have to clear cmos all over again and restart now if u guys could help me go from here and help me get my cpu at high as poss would be great like i put in my spec my motherboard is not the best in the world its a :filtered: (winfast now known as foxconn 6150 m2ma) with phonix bios erm i wondered if flashin it to the latest bios will give me more clocking option on my bios i dont know just a fort. i cant change my multiplyer by the way my bios is the exact same and motherboard as the guy with the screen shots on this forum. can any 1 help i would glady be cratefull.
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