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i started a similar thread a wile ago and figured i give it another shot.


why can't we have a mobile version of the pit ?


this can be useful for many !


example: someone is on the road and their laptop is having problems booting thus unable to visit the pit for help' they could use their mobile device :)


the low-fi version is only good for reading' but none functional for posting, please leave out low-fi :lol:

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I was thinking about this to.


Amazing thing is though, it seems the site has some mobile optimization. My instinct loads the page in less then 10 seconds with no issues at all.


It really is amazing. a mobile version can just cut down some of the wasted mb's added to the page. But I really havent had an issue on my phone.

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it takes about 15 seconds for it to load on my razr, navigating is another story, its getting around that becomes the problem.


i believe a mobile version would eliminate the bloat, a mobile format would be great :tup:


el kido, go to accuweather.com on your phone, it will detect it and load the mobile page, once you are there browse it for a minute then scroll down and switch to html and compare that to mobile format :)

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not all phones are capable of swapping browsers :)


I wasn't implying that a browser swap was necessary. If a phone can browse the net then it is a fair assumption that it can also download third party applications. Opera is very forward thinking and has mini versions for virtually all mobile OS. I still use my embedded browser for secure browsing eg. Banking or net purchasing. Opera allows faster browsing due to intelligent cacheing on its servers as does firefox, Tshark and UCWeb, however , I must reiterate, I would not use any of these browsers for secure work either working on a mobile device or PC.
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